Your favorite item to crochet?

What do you love to crochet? Is there one type of pattern that you return to again and again and again?

For me, it might seem a little archaic, but I love to crochet doilies.  It’s an art that I feel I don’t do enough of.  When I catch a glimpse of a doily pattern or one that someone else has made, many times I am left in awe.  I find them delicate, unique, and quite simply pure works of art! Weather it stands as the centerpiece for the dinner table, or framed and hung in an entry way, they are timeless, an heirloom to be passed down.

I have a few favorite artists, Patricia Kristoffersen and Grace Fearon to name a couple, but I also love the vintage pieces, many quite delicate, crocheted in a size 30 (or smaller!) thread.  If you are looking for a resource for some free vintage patterns, (Not my site) may be just what you’re looking for.  There are also a couple of great “Threadies” groups on Facebook that are eager to welcome thread crochet enthusiasts.

DO you have a favorite type of pattern that you like to crochet? Feel free to share in a comment below! I wold love to hear from you.

Happy Crocheting, crochet beautiful!

(Photos left to right: “Michele,” “Elizabeth,” and “Mayrose.” All designed by Patricia Kristoffersen, crocheted by myself.)